General topics/fields

  • Experimental Economics
  • Social Preferences, Social Capital
  • Applied political economy
  • Economics of Happiness
  • Economic Demography
  • Applied Economics
  • Development Economics

Current projects
(at different stages of development)

  • Risk-Ebola refugee immigration and political outcomes in Italy [paper submitted]
  • Fake news and job discrimination: results from a laboratory experiment [paper submitted]
  • The socio-political and economic effects of scapegoating migrants during a crisis [paper submitted]
  • The effects of shifting media attention on health behaviors [work in progress]
  • The impact of anti-mafia 2014 guidelines on anti-smuggling prosecutions [work in progress]
  • Climate-change narratives and sustainable behaviors [work in progress]
  • Extreme events, mass media and political outcomes [PNRR funded – project: GRINS; work in progress]